The Difficulties and Obstacles Contance faced

Being a Woman

One of the main difficulties Constance faced was being a girl. Because she was a girl, she had to go overseas to Pennsylvania to study medicine, had to impress the medical board more that the men had to so she could prove that she could be a doctor even though she was a girl. The same went for Constance's sister Clara Stone as well as Margaret Whyte who were the first girls to graduate from Melbourne university's medical course. They topped the honours list in medicine and surgery and yet were refused positions at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as were many other girls.


Constance and other women, wanting to open a hospital with Constance had to have long discussions about what to do. It would be hard for them to open a hospital because they had no money and no general acceptance, being women. After awhile, the girls decided to try after they were motivated by the Australian Principle, "have a go!" and all agreed that a women can do what a man can.
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