Holocaust Presentation

Lexie Paugh

How I View The Holocaust:

In my opinion the holocaust was a time of destruction, sorrow, inequality, and craziness. I cant even begin to describe how much empathy I feel for those involved in the past genocide. What these people went through is ground shattering . Its absolutely terrible that things like this really went on...


After the war this building was The building was originally an ammunition depot. It was adapted for use as a crematorium, but only to burn the bodies of prisoners who had died in confinement. Later it was re-adapted into a gas chamber and crematorium combination. The victims would enter this door, which would be hermetically sealed. The victims would then be in the gas chamber. There was no undressing room, and the victims had to be paraded in sight of the whole camp.
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Electric Fencepost; Auschwitz

Electric fences were used to keep prisoners from escaping. Electric fences were all over Auschwitz to prevent runaways.

Prisoner Jackets

The uniforms of ordinary prisoners were not lined and not tailored and often little more than rags.

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Tattoos of Prisoner #'s

Zanne Farbstein's Survival Story.

Surviving the Holocaust: Zanne Farbstein's Story

Simply Because We were Jews


Belgium was supposed to be neutral during the war, but Adolph Hitler ignored that and invaded Belgium. There was a movement where you could inquire about hiding Jews...hiding children, and my father did that. He had a place for my brother to go; he had a place for my sister to go, and he found this place for me, and he took me on the streetcar to a woman's house, and the reason that I keep saying "this woman" is I don't know her name.

The only people that knew her name were my parents. I was a little girl then. They took me to the house--my father actually--he brought me into the house, and that was the last time I ever saw my father.

I was hidden for two years. I never went outside. I was not allowed to go outside because I didn't belong to the family, and the woman who hid me sacrificed a lot to take me. Because had the Nazis discovered she was hiding a Jew, whether it was a little girl or an adult it didn't matter, they would have killed her on the spot. Of course, as well as me. I was allowed sometimes to go out in the backyard, but for the most part that was my home for two years.

I was never mistreated--ever! But I also was never loved, and I really lost a great part of my childhood--simply because we were Jews. _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________