Camping With the Vandals

Jaylyn Guzman, Braydon Hill, Carina Heredia

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Spend a weekend camping with the Vandals!

  • There were two different subdivisions called the Silingii and the Hasdingii.
  • Much like the Goths, the Vandals adopted Arianism, a branch of Christianity that believed that Jesus Christ was not equal to God the Father, but a separate being right under God.
  • The word "vandal" was coined by an 18th century Frenchman and is used in the English language to describe a person who maliciously defaces or destroys property.
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The Vandal Leader: Gunderic

  • Date of Birth: 379 AD
  • Date of Death: 428 AD
  • Gunderic stepped in after the Alans lost their leader Ataces with almost all his army in the battle against Vallia the King of the Visigoths 419 AD, the remainder of these Alans subjected themselves to Gunderic King of the Vandals in Baetica, who therefore became King of the Vandals and the Alans.

The Vandal Legacy

The word "vandal" reflects the dread and hostility that this tribe precipitated on other people especially the Romans.