Licensure Renewal Process

Guidelines for Licensure Renewal Process Updates 10/15/2015


During the 2011 session, the General Assembly reduced the number of renewal credits required to renew a Standard Professional 2 licensure from 15 to 7.5. As a result, the State Board of Education approved the following requirements to renew the Standard Professional 2.

License Expires June 30, 2015 - Renewal Requirement

All Educators - 7.5 CEUs.

Professional Educators Requirements:

  • 1 renewal credit for literacy
  • 1 renewal credit in the specific academic subject area
  • 5.5 general credits (as determined by the NCS, not to include years of experience


  • 3 credits focused on the school executive's role as instructional, human resources and managerial leader
  • 4.5 general credits (as determined by NCS) not to include years of experience

National Board Certification

  • 7.5 credits for completion
  • 2 credits (1 for literacy and 1 for content) for 10 year renewal

License Expires June 30, 2016 or Later - Requirements

K-8 Licensure Area - 8 CEUs

  • 3 Content
  • 3 Literacy
  • 2 General

All other Educators - 8 CEUs

  • 3 Content
  • 5 General

Northampton County Schools Local Requirements

4.0 technology credits in addition to the state licensure renewal requirements, Technology credits must be pre-approved by Rhonda Moses, Northampton County Schools Chief Technology Officer.

Grading Giggles

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Taylor: " My mom can. She took a look at my report card and told me exactly what was going to happen when my dad got home."

Literacy Credit Now Available in Home Base Professional Development System

Preparation for Foundation of Reading Licensure Exam provides an excellent resource for teachers wanting to refresh their knowledge on the foundations of reading development and comprehension.

For a full description of the course, please visit This self-paced module is worth 1.0 Literacy Credit.

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