Invasive Species

By: Kenton, Amanda, Alexis, and Danny


  • They are constantly digging which rips up plants and erodes the soil. This destroys animals such as crabs and juvenile fish habitats.
  • Reproduce quickly and have no predators.
  • Feed mostly on marsh plants, erasing the habitat for species such as muskrats and waterfowel.
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Africanized (Killer) Bee

  • African Honey bees were imported to Brazil
  • They escaped and bred with Brazilian honey bee
  • They created Africanized Bees or media dubbed killer bees
  • They spread up to southern U.S.
  • Easily agitated even by small vibration
  • Can attack within a quarter mile radius from the hive
  • Attacks people and animals
  • Attack in much larger swarms then most species
  • Attacks typically result in serious injury or in common cases, death.

Asian Citris Psyllid

  • kills citrus Trees
  • also found found in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas,California
  • they transmit a disease to citrus trees called Huanglongbing (HLB)
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Northern Snakehead

  • from Eastern Asia
  • North America from Hudson Bay is a good spot for them to live
  • kills native species to other areas
  • they can survive four days without water