Triple Barrel Cannon

By. Austin Hamilton

Why was created?

The reason why the triple barrel cannon was created was that mobility or the art of moving around was the key to victory on the battlefeild. So leonardo da vinci made a cannon that could do just that.

Triple Barrel Cannon vs. Normal Cannon

Before Leonardo da vinci created the triple barrel cannon there was the regular cannon. This cannon was good in the battlefeild but the only problem was that it was stationary which means that it stayed put you wern't able to move it, and it was too heavy to pick up.So that made advancing in the battlefeild a issue. However the triple barrel cannon was way different, this cannon was mobile, light weight, and beacuse of the way it was designed it was able to fire three cannon balls at once, when the regular cannon would only fire one cannon ball. Since Leonardo's cannon was light weight and mobile it made andvancing in the battlefeild easy.