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Barraza Newsletter - Edition 2

Mme Barraza Moments

We may have gotten off to a rocky start at TVS French 1, 2 and 3 and Spanish 3, but things are getting better!!

I have been pleased that many of you in the last week to ten days have begun to understand how things work in your online TVS course and are starting to get things done and turned in.

Each week the checklist (always in the checklist button and has a date so you know which one is relevant for you that week) will tell you what items are to be done for a grade. The other items in your course are not going to be for a course grade. You can do them and definitely should NOT skip any CONTENT - but sometimes we do not do all writing assignments. All of the material in the course is assessed so, as I said, you will not want to skip anything ever.

After you submit work, give me 24 hours during the week and more time on weekends, to get back and look at the comments and feedback I leave you. Your grade should NEVER be a mystery. Whatever you did wrong or right, you will find it by going to GRADES, then clicking on the number value to open my feedback to you. If you have questions you will need to message me about it using the MESSAGES button.

Asking questions....Is great. I love your questions because it is when I get to do my favorite thing - TEACH! However, I need specific questions. It is really frustrating to get a message that says "I don't get this"....It gives me absolutely no idea where to even begin trying to help you.

So, what I really need you to do is to say, on page 2B, there is a part I don't understand and it has to do with this....can you help me understand how to do this? Be specific. IT will help me answer you.

If you need something reset because I told you to respond asking me to reset it then you go to the MESSAGES button to request that. Request it by Unit (Bonjour, Les Sentiments, etc.) and page number (3b, 2A, etc.). Once it is reset, you can go to the same area to turn it back in.

NO attachments! If your assignments are only TEXT, that is no images or sounds, I WILL NOT TAKE ATTACHMENTS! Please do not submit them. We are in week five and I AM STILL GETTING SOME!!! Why? Please pay attention to course communication that comes directly from me! That comes in the Announcements area, Checklist each week, Feedback in the course and anywhere you see my initials in the Unit Navigation. No attachments! When I ask you to respond asking to have it reset that means you can still do it but I am not resetting it until you see that comment.

Work daily for best success!

If you did not do the orientation well, you may still have questions about Blackboard and how things work. Please be sure to ask questions when you have them but if it is something covered in the Orientation, I will direct you back there.

Ma famille.....Mi familia

Remember to reach out for help when you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I'm new to online learning. What if I don't know how to navigate the website? Your liaison is usually your first resource. He/she is typically versed in using Blackboard and can answer most "how to" questions. If they don't know, you can always call me after 4:00 pm for assistance. It is pretty easy to use once you get going.
  2. Is it OK to call you? Of course! That's what I'm here for! Don't forget that I do teach in a traditional school during the day, so if you call, please leave a message so I can return your call as soon as possible after school (same for a text).
  3. What if I'm having problems understanding concepts? Help is just a phone call away. You can contact me during regular office hours by phone, text, or in-course Messages Button. I am also available by request. Just ask!
  4. How late is too late to call? Please do not call after 9:00 pm You may email or text at anytime, but see question #2.
  5. Can we use online translators? Absolutely not! The use of online translators is a form of plagiarism and students who use them will receive a grade of 0 for that assignment. Trust me, I will know.
  6. How can I be successful in this course? The most important thing you can do is ask questions early and often. If you don't understand something, you must ask me (or another student) for help. Another key to success is keeping pace. It is important that you work daily. It is the expectations that all students are submitting work daily.
  7. Remember if you need to submit an assignment using my voice mail, you MUST submit the assignment submission link along with the voice call. Nothing gets graded without the assignment submission link (the number you called FROM and the script for your call).


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