NaTiVe AmErIcAn Proverbs

By Vihaan V Rao

Proverb #1

  • Sharing and giving are the ways of God.- Sauk (tribe)

It means that the world would be balanced and perfect if we share equally whatever we have. This brings a balance between rich and poor and the world will be in great peace.

Proverb #2

  • One rain does not make a crop.- Creole (tribe)

This means that when we try doing something useful and which helps other does not happen in a day but it takes time and toil. You also must have patience for success.

Proverb #3

  • Beware of the man who does not talk, and the dog that does not bark.-Cheyenne (tribe)

It means that be careful of any object which does not show its natural personality as there may be something wrong with it.

Proverb #4

  • The more you give, the more good things come to you.-Crow (tribe)

It means that the more you help and do more favors you can, to others; the more help (blessings) you receive from them when needed.

Proverb #5

  • Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.- Cherokee.(tribe)

  • This proverb means that we need not grief about our mistakes commited in our past, instead we should plan for tommorow and the future correcting the mistakes made in the past

Proverb #6

  • Be satisfied with the needs intsead of the wants.- Teton Sioux (tribe)

This particular proverb means that man needs to feel happy about what he has instead of crying about the things which you don't have and want more.