Collaboration Tools for 1st Grade

Keeping Everyone Involved


Dear Parents,

I have been researching some collaboration tools that will help your students within the classroom. Your children are each individually so amazing and talented and I have found some ways to build on their natural abilities. Please see the information below about some new fun ideas!


Details on Tools!

One tool I quickly learned about was a beneficial resource called ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a great tool to help behavior within our first grade classroom. ClassDojo benefits the parents as well because I am able to share your child's behavior reports with you frequently and efficiently. This provides a positive atmosphere for the classroom which is one of the most important things. Another tool I discovered was the WOW binder. WOW stands for We Organize Work. This is not only beneficial for the student but also the parent. I know that sometimes managing children's messy work can be frustrating and this will prevent that from occurring. I will be able to work with your children to help keep things organized and put together and teach them good organizational habits early on. I have recently observed as well that children work better if they have something to keep them motivated from day to day. With themed folders for each day/week this will help them stay focused and motivated and it will also help you all, the parents. Everyone has a hectic life and sometimes everything seems to run together. With different themed folders everyone would be able to stay on track. These themes would separate our class from most. That way if you have multiple children or just have a hectic life you and your child will still be able to stay on track. I hope to implement these ideas right away. These ideas have been designed to help your children, you, and me. We will be able to stay organized and work together! If you have any questions feel free to email me. Thanks.

Elizabeth Griffith

Elizabeth Griffith

1st grade teacher