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Welcome to my s'more! My definition of a hero essay involves my mom who matches my definition of a hero perfectly. She is not your ordinary hero, but she matches my definition of a hero. She is a stay at home mom who helps three kids everday!

What People Should Strive to Be

Hero Essay


Mason Mackenzie

Period 8 Writing

When people think of a hero they automatically think of a firefighter or policeman. In reality, a hero can be an ordinary person that cares about others. A hero can do a small or large act that helps someone or saves someone. Heroic actions are measured in size and completion. Everyone strives to be a hero, but when a hero is needed only certain people step up. A hero can have different physical characteristics, but all heroes have the same mindset. That mindset is to do anything they can to help. Heroes aren't born, but formed through thinking and understanding. There is always a need for more heroes who sacrifice themselves.

A hero is a civilian who takes down mugger after they stole an old lady's purse. Imagine the feeling the hero must feel after making an old lady smile. Consider the warm feeling in her heart and the thankfulness she has.. The savior must feel appreciated and loved. After helping the old lady his heart races and they begin to think I've made my parents proud. A sense of relief is also felt because the mugger who decided to be on the wrong side didn't succeed. The old lady gives him a hug. She is relieved when she sees the mugger being brought into a police car. The hero didn't think about anything, but getting her purse back.

A hero is a fireman who is willing to leave a burning building last to get the occupants out. Clark is minding his own business. Suddenly he sees a burning building across the street. He sprints across the crosswalk and then calls 911. A shadow appears in the window. He rushes through the front door and up the stairs. The sound of sirens is getting closer. A lady appears at the top of the stairs with a little boy. She tosses the boy to Clark. Then Clark helps her down the stairs. By the time the fire truck arrives the house is engulfed in flames. Clark wasn't a person with an extraordinarily dangerous career or life. He was an average Joe who stepped up when someone was needed. Not every hero is a policeman, it can be anyone who has the belief that they can make a difference. A hero is not a certain type only a certain mindset.

A civilian who takes down a mugger and a fireman willing to risk his life to save others shows heroism. Heroes aren't a physical type, they understand and think through their situation and end up sacrificing one or more things. There isn't a formula to become a hero only a trait that shows selflessness. Have you ever had a chance to be hero and you haven't taken it? In the end anyone can be hero, they just have to take the first step.

A Passed Hero

When people think of a hero they assume a policeman or firefighter. In reality, heroes can be anyone who does something good for others. Jim Valvano is my untouchable hero. He won a national championship in basketball for North Carolina State. He was diagnosed with cancer and fought for his life. Jim played basketball at Rutgers University. In every tournament match he ever played, he was always the underdog. Somehow his speeches and techniques won out in the tournament. Jim relates to a lot of other heroes because he battled for his life and never gave up. His speeches inspired the athletes who looked up to him.

Mr. Valvano is a hero because he put smiles on people's faces and never was scared by uncertainty. Through thick and thin he never gave up. Even when he was battling cancer in his last years he still tried to be there for his family. According to Sports Illustrated Jim exclaimed, “I want to help every cancer patient I can now,” he told Gary Smith of Sports Illustrated in 1993. “For some reason, people look to me for hope. I’m feeling half dead, and they’re coming up to me in the hospital for hope. I don’t know if I can handle that, but it’s the only conceivable good that can come out of this."Jimmy created his foundation to help people in the future. At this state he knew he didn't have a lot of time so he dedicated himself to his family and to finding a cure. Jim always was unselfish and wanted to help others. Jim is a class act, who respects others, and would always help people who needed it.

My two heroes inspire others and constantly sacrifice their time to help others. My mom and Jim Valvano are unselfish and do acts for other people. They both have families who they take care of and would do anything for. My mom will go out of her way to help others and so would Jim. He started a fund to help others. Jim knew it was too late for him, but that didn't stop him from helping others. It is one thing to just take care of yourself and be nice to others, but what separates that is when you would help others over yourself. Whether it be in basketball or in life they are the same.

If I could say one thing to my untouchable hero it would be, why do you do it? At what point did you realize you were going beyond being nice to people? I think my hero would say to be unselfish and do nice things everyday. One person might not make a difference, but if thousands of people did that the world would be a better place. Both my heroes fit the mold of a hero. For example according to Biography in Context Jim said,"Guys, don't forget me! Just raise as many dollars as you can."Jim would be very happy knowing that the V Foundation has raised $115 million for cancer research. Jimmy wanted to help others and help find a cure. He knew he couldn't be saved, but he wanted to help others. Even if he couldn't be saved he can save others. Jim will always live on in his foundation as it grows and helps more people everyday. So would my mom she would do anything to help others even if she didn't know them. If I could apply one thing to my life it would be to put others before myself.