About Me, Autumn Martin

Interest and Personality Traits

I enjoy Dancing, Singing, and playing the violin. a career to fit all of my interests would be a Composer. My personality type can be described as funny, observant, and sensitive. According to my Holland personality results and my Myers Briggs results, I am Artistic and a Campaigner. Being Artistic means i'm creative and i don't like going by a schedule. And being a Campaigner means I'm Extraverted, Intuitive, feeling, and prospecting. Some Careers to go with those personalities would be Restaurateur, Preschool Teacher, and Travel Writer.

Skills and Multiple Intelligence

I am good at Filming and Editing my own Music videos or any type of video. I also think I'm good at being their for others. Some careers for those would be Therapist or a Editor. My strongest Multiple Intelligence would be Musical Strength. Careers that match this intelligence would be Performers/Writers, Recording Studio Industry, and Orchestra/Choir/Band teacher.

Vales and Career Clusters

The Career Cluster I belong to is Arts, Audio, Video Technology and Communications. Some careers for this cluster would be Photographers, Editors, and Choreographer. My top 3 life values are Belonging, Equality, and Making a Difference. My top 3 work vales are help others, take risks/have physical challenges and variety and change at work.

Ways to Improve and It's All Good

3 ways I could improve would be attitude, stress, and being able to control my emotions. 3 things that make me feel happy or satisfied would be accomplishing something, no empty stomach, and hanging out with people I love.

Quotes and My Bucket List

  • "Whats the most important thing In the world? Whats one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles to get back?" - Luke, A House Divided
  • "True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart." -Anonymous

  • Go to College
  • Meet Beth, Rosie and Melissa in real life.
  • Get a good paying career.
  • Accomplish 5 years of Video Star
  • Go out of the country again.