Gifted & Talented Program Update

Tahlequah Public Schools -- November 2022

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We hope to use this monthly newsletter as a way to share information with parents and our community about gifted education and the TPS Gifted & Talented (GT) Education Program..

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Did you know?

๐Ÿš€This past month in RISE:

Identified gifted students began RISE in late August. RISE is our pullout "class" for identified gifted students (Top 3%) in 3rd-6th grades.

In October:

Students showed their creative skills by creating a pattern name. They did this by writing their name in overlapping block or bubble letters and then creating unique patterns in each enclosed space. See some of their creations below.

3rd - 5th graders also made "Wonder" Journals. These journals will hopefully encourage student wonder and curiosity by allowing students a place to write down all of their questions about the world around them. We plan on investigating some of the student's wonders as a group and to have a culminating "Wonder Fair" sometime in late Spring where students will choose one of their own questions to research and share their findings with the class.

6th graders recently traveled to Camp Lutherhoma and participated in a natural history hike with Mr. Russell Hudgens, retired TMS science teacher. Natural history is the scientific study of animals or plants, especially as concerned with observation rather than experiment, and presented in popular rather than academic form. The hike focused on plants, in particular, leaf morphology, the study of leaf characteristics used in identifying different species of trees. Along the way, students collected leaf samples and other natural specimens like lichens, mosses, nuts, and other plant material that had naturally already fallen. Students' specimens were brought back so students can catalog their findings and display them in a "digital" natural history museum. After lunch, students played field games and participated in a STEM challenge led by Camp Lutherhoma staff, John and Erin Busch. Some pics of our trip are below.

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