Westward Expansion

Claire Andrus

Native Americans

The Native Americans were treated differently by the whites. In the process of trying to help the Native Americans, the whites did the opposite. They took away their religion and way of life. The whites thought they would be helping with their land being taken over by settlers that wanted their land. The whites made reservations for the Indians and told them the land sold would go to them. Each man would get their own piece of land. Most of the tribes disagreed with this.

The reservations for the Indians were said to be better for them. Each man would have their own piece of land. They’d all be their own chief. Sitting Bull was not fond of this. The government had taken away their way of life. They didn’t allow them to live up to their religion. If they went behind the white’s backs, then they’d fight back. Eventually, when the indians had refused their first offer, they came back with a new one and the Native Americans fought back because Sitting Bull had spoken up to say how they were being treated like things. In the Native American’s “world” they do not believe that someone “owns” a land. They believed that the land was given to them. The whites took this away from them. Along with this, they also took something probably even worse. Their names. The whites thought that their names were getting confusing and hard to understand who was who. They made them choose a christian name. Doing this made the Native Americans feel like their religion and their legends are being ripped away from them. Taking these things away from them, were basically treating them like they weren’t humans. Like they were things instead of a person or human.

The way the government treated the Native American’s religion were like taking it away from them. They didn’t have the rights they wanted. They had the rights the whites chose for them. Not many of the Native Americans believed this was fair. Eventually, the Native Americans thought they needed to rebel, when they were told to do something they decided to do it anyways. This resulted in many Native Americans dead, in a battle. This is is all because of their religion. The Native Americans were treated like they were things, not like equal human beings.

Collage of the Native Americans and Reservations

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USII.4a Western Movement and the Impact on Native Americans