Miller Accused of Steroid Use

False winning of Pro-Lifting Competition in Canterbury

The Millers Statement to the Court of Canterbury

After meeting up with the Miller at the Court of Canterbury, The Friar interviews and obtains such statement from Miller,

"Oh! My disqualification from the competition is bloody discrimination, The Summoner had been attempting to sabotage me all competition, he planted the needle. The owner of the apothecary tells reports of The Summoner making distinct requests to the junior assistant."

Accusations of Summoners Hygiene due to use of Steroids

Doctors Examination

Doctor claims that warts and acne due to use of recreational steroids, while Miller holds to his claims and still pleads innocence. Up to the jury now. Jury includes, Prioress, Pardoner, Wife of Bath, Reeve, Squire and special jury guest The Knight of Canterbury.

The Canterbury Tells Weekly

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