The Land of Alaska

Alaska's climate and wilderness

The Land of Alaska Introduction

A flyer about Alaska's wilderness and climate, this flyer was created to better understand the book Woodsong. It is an article of facts, gathered by researching others articles. It features Alaska's animals, climate, physical features, and other random facts. Enjoy learning!

-Abby Guicheteau, Kilo Mack Jr, Michael DeCamp

Animals of Alaska

  • world's largest carnivorous land animals- the Kodiak
  • Birds of Prey- bald and gold eagle, owl, hawks, falcons
  • Endangered, sea otters, protected by reservations
  • Alaska is known for big game in hunting and fishing: caribou, elk, sheep, and common mountain goat

Contrasting Climate

  • Annual precipitation, 94 inches
  • Southeast- heavy precipitation
  • 1/3 of Alaska in Arctic Circle
  • Pacific Mountain System- cool and wet, controlled by ocean currents and wind from Asia
  • Interior Plateau( common weather) - winter: -55 F, summers: ( daylight lasts to 21 hours) 100 F, 8-15 inches of snow & rain
  • Southern temperatures are moderated by Hawaiian Current
  • Western Alaska-consist of coastal areas and islands

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Physical Features

  • millions of acres of subarctic (region south of Arctic Circle) forests
  • 29,000 square miles of glaciers ( Malaspina glacier larger than the state of Rhode Island)
  • 1/3 of land is forested (most of it spruce)
  • Peninsula- Alaska Peninsula, Aleytian Island Chain
  • Contrasting Features- Frozen tundras to hot springs, volcanoes to ice floes

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Photo showing Mount Denali, The second tallest mountain in Alaska

Interesting Facts to Know

  • Alaska origin- comes from Aleut word alaxsxaq ( meaning object toward which the action if the sea is directed)
  • Alaska's Official Sport- Dogsled Racing
  • 2/3 of Alaskan Population live in cities
  • The Russian economy started as trading fur

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