Sphynx Cats

By: Jordyn Kovacs

How Does The Sphynx Get Food

Sphynx are a domesticated cat and are fed by their owner, but the one living on the streets/wild just look for rats or mice or dig through garages.

How Does The Sphynx Choose A Mate

Males want to try and mate with as many females as possible to keep their generation going, but females want to find the strongest, largest male cat to mate with.

How Does The Sphynx Establish Its Territory

A cat will smell like its home, and other cats will treat it differently if it doesn't. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks, so when they rub against you it puts their smell on you, letting other cats know who is the owner. They also have scent glands in the pads of their feet, so when they are scratching on things they are also leaving their scent. They urinate on things which lets other cats know what is their territory.

How Does The Sphynx Defend Itself

Cats defend themselves by scratching and getting up into high places. Cats have very good balance and this helps allow them to get into difficult places like high fences or window sills.

How Does The Sphynx React To Its Environment, Communicate, And Live

Sphynx have become entirely domesticated, meaning that they do not migrate, hibernate, or go through estivation. Sphynx communicate through purring, biting, their scent, and body language. Sphinxes could live alone but could live together in a home.
Too Cute Sphynx Part 1
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