Term 3 Week 9 : 17 September 2020

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Dear Parents and Staff

We are very quickly coming to the end of another school Term and as I reflect on all that has occurred I have a great sense of pride in the role that our school has played in being a place where we all feel “Happy and Strong” as was the message in our banner on the school fence as we returned at the start of the Term. I feel that the staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that this has remained the case throughout the Term by finding creative ways to ensure that all of our planned activities have taken place, albeit, at times, in a different format from that which we were previously used to. As next week has been shortened due to the staff Professional Development days, there won’t be a newsletter, so I take this opportunity to wish all families a safe and happy holiday break and to thank you all for the outstanding support that we have, and continue to receive at Notre Dame Catholic Primary School. Let’s hope we return next Term to more positive news regarding the COVID-19 situation and that we are able to provide a hope-filled future for all.

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The final concert for our Edu Dance classes will be held on Friday 18 September (M Classes) and Monday 21 September (P Classes). The Concert on both days will commence at 2.00pm as per the following running sheet.

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We will need to comply with social distancing regulations, so it is important that Parents take careful note of the following:

  • Only two family members for each child are invited to attend the Concert.
  • Only the class performing will be in the Hall during their performance with it being live streamed to all of the other classes so they may watch.
  • Family members are to only attend the performances for their own children and will be asked to leave immediately after these so that other parents may watch the next class.
  • The entire Concert will run for approximately 50 minutes, so it is important that family members arrive at school early in case we are running ahead of schedule.
  • Those waiting for their child’s performance are asked to gather in the Mother Mary Piazza (central courtyard) and they will be called by a staff member for their particular performance.

I realise this all appears to be a bit messy, but we are trying to accommodate everyone under difficult circumstances. Please remember to be patient and everyone should be able to see their child/ren’s performance without fuss.


What a thoroughly entertaining afternoon we were treated to by our very talented Year Five children yesterday. Their choice of a world “notable” person was excellent, and their depth of knowledge and confidence of presentation were outstanding. Congratulations to all of the children, to their parents for the obvious support that they had provided and to the teachers who guided the children through the journey that led to the presentation yesterday.


As we have had sustainability presentations in the Hall over the past three days it has not been possible for Year 2M to practise for their Assembly. Therefore, we have moved it to next Wednesday at 9.00am. I look forward to seeing the creative ideas that they present and to welcoming two members from each of their families to watch.

I have invited two Sisters of Mercy, Sister Catherine O’Connor and Sister Mary O’Connor, to visit us for the Assembly so that we can pass on the money that was raised on Mercy Day for their missionary work. Sister Catherine and Sister Mary are twins, so I guess that makes them “sister Sisters”. I wonder if the children will be able to determine which is which?


Our Term will finish next Wednesday with a Liturgy of the Word in the Mother Mary Piazza commencing at 2.15pm. Parents are most welcome to join us.


The children and staff are invited to wear neat casual clothes next Wednesday to celebrate the end of a great Term. There is no need for a donation for this privilege.

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Term 4

Term 4 commences on Monday 12 October, 2020 and finishes Friday 11 December, 2020.


If your child/children will not be returning to Notre Dame in 2021, it is important that you advise the school office immediately.



If your child was born between 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 , they are eligible for our 3 Year Old Kindergarten program in 2021. Registrations for 2021 are now open. Contact our office on 6272 7100 for further details.


Archdiocese Website –

Archdiocese Facebook -

Our Parish Celebration of the Eucharist (Mass) as follows:

Saturday at 6.00pm, Sunday 8.00am, 10.00am & 6.00pm

Please note:

  • 120 - 150 members are allowed to attend weekend Masses with social distancing.
  • Family members must sit in the same pew.
  • There is seating in the Parish Centre for 50 with live streaming of the Mass.
  • Good hygiene practice must be observed on entering the church.

Adoration every Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


Reconciliation only by appointment. Please call Fr Quynh on 9277 4094.

Fr Michael Quynh - Parish Priest

Notre Dame Catholic Church

345 Wright Street, CLOVERDALE WA 6105

Tel: (08) 9277 4094




As you may know in Year 6 we have Council Groups before every lunch on Friday. There are four groups - Pastoral Care, Community Service, Environmental Council and Social Justice Council. In the Social Justice group we create posters, Kahoots and iMovies for upcoming events. This term, together with the Pastoral Care Council we made health packs which were given to the homeless. Social Justice is fun and worthwhile and is by far my favourite Council.

Daniel Poli (6M)

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In the Community Services Council, we assist classes that are assigned to us. This term. I helped Mrs Donovan-Flintoff listen to some of her students read. I even got to help in the classroom. The students that would read to me read very well. My favourite part was talking about the meaning of words. I hope they had a good time reading to me!

Jasmine Hutton (6M)

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Council Groups are really fun and each term we swap groups. This term I was in the Community Service group. The class I have been helping is 1P and the teachers are Mrs Pirie and Mrs McLure. It is fun to help in the classroom and to listen to kids read. I helped Mrs Pirie organise some other items. Overall, it is very entertaining to help the little kids and Mrs Pirie.

Jacob Underwood 6M

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In Environmental Council Groups we have been helping the environment. During the first week Brother Stephen took us to the garden and told us to take a shovel and dig up the weeds. The task was simple but satisfying. During the second week, Brother Stephen let us water the worms and mix worm wee with water for the plants. The next week, Brother Stephen was away so another teacher took the lesson. Andrew and I planted a seed and watered it with a mixture of worm wee and water. The fourth week was another week of weeding, but Mia and Dakota made an animal home in the corner which was really fun. The next week we moved to the nature playground to clean the creek. The task was tiresome but in the end the creek looked amazing. As you can see the time we spent in the Environmental Council group has taught us some important gardening lessons. I have loved doing this with my friends. I also want to thank Brother Stephen for making the Environmental Council group possible.

Samuel 6P

Currently the Pastoral Care Council group is planning a 'Fun Afternoon' for all the Year 6 students that will be held on Wednesday 23 September. This will be a free event. The fun afternoon will include games like small chair ball competitions and many other fun games. Year 6 will also be doing trivia games in the form of a fun Kahoot. The Kahoot will be about the camp we had at the start of the year, sports and general knowledge. All the games are going to earn points for our faction and the faction who wins gets a special prize, but of course we all know it’s all about having fun.

Thalia 6M


On our Year 6 Confirmation Retreat we put our pencil cases down at the back of the hall. Then we sat down in the middle of the hall and waited for the retreat to start! The retreat started and the group introduced themselves and switched around to see if we would remember their names. We then got into small groups of 12 people with one of the group leaders from the retreat organisation and my leader was Lyn. We played loads of fun games but my favourite by far was the modelling game. One person was selected by the group leader and had to run to the other side of the hall and take their shoes and jumper off. One by one a person from the group would come and dress the model and once they were finished dressing the model the next person had to undress the same model. The last one to undress the model had to run back with the model to win. We then talked about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they can help you in life. Another game that I really liked was when you had to match up the movies with the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. As time went past, we learnt a lot about the Holy Spirit. It came to the end of the day so we lit a candle for one another and wished the best for all our classmates!

Abby Boyle 6M

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Mercy Day was a day about Catherine McAuley and the Mercy Sisters. First, both Year 6 classes had a liturgy then it was time to visit the different stalls. Amalie and I went to different stalls, like the Year 5 footy stall and the Pre-Primary fishing stall. We won a prize there and also at the Year 3 photo booth. After a little while, everyone went back to their class. Then all the students had a sausage sizzle for lunch. We did an activity with our buddies. We made an iMovie on Catherine McAuley. Overall it was wonderful day and everyone had fun.

Amalie Lawrie & Madison Loiacono


On the 20/08/2020 (twentieth of the eighth twenty twenty) Year 6P had an extremely fun maths lesson learning about money and dividing it using the formal algorithm and the equal share method. We did it by having a banker, 2 students calculating the answer and 1 person calculating how much change each student would get. We worked with $100, $50, $20, $10 and $5 notes, we also used $2, $1, 50c, 20c, 10c and 5c.

Jack Doyle 6P

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Miss Fimmano, Mr Webb and Mrs Flexman
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Notre Dame Catholic Primary School will celebrate Book Week 2020 from,

19-23rd October, Term 4 Week 2.

This year’s Book Week theme is: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

Books have the ability to transform and inform, encourage creativity, and inspire and challenge us to make new connections. This is the perfect opportunity for readers to set their minds free and roam among the wild world of books while celebrating all the best things about books and reading.

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Come to school dressed as your favourite book character! Participate in the Dress Up Day Parade, in the Mother Mary Piazza.

If you need some inspiration please visit the link below:

Sarah Sarmardin



A couple of weeks back Year 3-6 students participated in the field events carnival at Ern Clark in Cannington. We were lucky enough to have great weather for the day and fantastic support from our parents. Students participated in shot put (Year 4 - 6), vortex (Year 3), turbo javelin, long jump & 400m races on the day. As there were a lot of events to get through, the day was run as a rotation system with class teachers rotating with their groups at each event, along with our parent helpers. Well done to our Year 3 students who participated in these events for the first time. All results from this carnival will be combined with the upcoming track/team games carnival at Gerry Archer next term in Week 1, Thursday 15 October. A note has been sent home for this carnival event. Many thanks to the teachers and staff for their fantastic assistance in running the day, as well as our parent helpers who assisted with various duties. We look forward to our final carnival next term! Below are the progress results leading into next term’s final carnival.

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As mentioned above the final Senior Athletics Carnival (Year 3 - 6) will be held at Gerry Archer on Thursday, 15 October. A note has been sent home to parents along with the program for the day by email. If you are able to assist on the day please write back on the permission form or send me an email. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Junior Athletics Carnival - Thursday, 10 September

Last Thursday, students from PP - Year 2 participated in their Junior Athletics Carnival held on the school grounds. It was one of the first years that we were blessed with fantastic weather for our juniors, which was a welcome relief for teachers and parents. All students participated in a variety of team games, relays and running races with the assistance of staff and parents. The day started with our Pre-Primary group running their first races at the school - always a highlight of the day! It was easy to see Miss Rognetta, Miss Guerinoni and the PP team had worked very hard in preparing the students for their events. There were some lightning fast races and I am looking forward to working with this group next year.

The skills on show over the course of the day were evident throughout all events, especially the team games. There was fantastic teamwork on show and all students had a chance to participate in every team game event. I would like to say a big thank you to our Faction Captains who did a fantastic job the whole day in supporting the students and assisting with many jobs. A big thank you also to the staff and parents who worked tirelessly to ensure each student had a great day. The factions were close the whole day but only one could come out on top, with Presentation (formally known as Prendiville) coming up trumps yet again this year - still unbeaten. Many thanks again to everyone involved with making the day a great one for our junior grades and well done again to Presentation!

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Mr Webb

Sports Teacher


Belonging, Being and Becoming the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) describes the principles, practises and outcomes that support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school.

The framework is a key component of the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care. The EYLF was developed by the Australian and state and territory governments with input from the early childhood sector and early childhood academics.

The framework offers a vision where 'all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life'.

(Sourced from )

Each week we will feature one of these principles, practises or outcomes in the newsletter.

Over the past weeks we have looked at ‘Belonging’, ‘Learning is Everywhere’, ‘Becoming’, ‘Being’ and ‘Relationships matter’.

This week let’s look at ‘Working Together’.

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Julie Carlton & Linda Harland

Early Learning Coordinators


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The canteen relies on volunteers, if you have any time to spare even half an hour on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday your help would be appreciated.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen Coordinator


Orders for uniform items are to be placed by emailing Mrs Danielle Lawrie ( The order form and price list are on the school website ( under "School Services."

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator


Did you know that a second hand uniform page, which is hosted and managed by Notre Dame CPS parents, operates on Facebook? This is a great place for you to buy and sell quality second hand uniforms. The active site is available to all members of the community who access Facebook. You can also access second hand uniforms at the school's uniform shop. Stock is limited!!


School Banking is every Thursday from 8.00am in the library



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Bush Skills 4 Youth is finally able to offer community workshops. Bookings are open for two workshops, in the next school holidays, at Freshwater Park in Ascot Waters.

Bookings for each event is via the Eventbrite link in the information.

Cute or Creepy Water Creatures

for 5 – 10 Year olds

Wed 7 October 10am – 12noon

Places are limited.

If you have any questions please email


We will be open for the Sept/Oct 2020 school holidays

Cloverdale Dental Clinic is open from 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

We are a free service and cater for school age children/teens from Kindy & Pre-Primary from the year they turn 5 to the end of year 11 or their 17th Birthday, whichever occurs first.

We are a Bachelor of Oral Health Final year placement clinic during university semesters. An experienced tutor oversees all check-ups and procedures.

It is not compulsory to enrol with the School Dental Service, if your child is having regular dental check-ups and treatment with their private family dentist, consider withdrawing from the school service. This will enable us to service those that are unable to access private dentistry. If circumstances change, you are welcome to re-enrol at any time.

If your address has changed/changes, please call us, as we send appointments to your home address. We also require current mobile phone numbers to send out text message reminders.

If your child has a toothache, please phone us on 9479 7222 between 8am-4pm, if you have an emergency outside of work hours, please contact your family dentist or the Emergency Service on 1800 098 818.


Cloverdale Dental Therapy Centre Staff

180 Fisher St (Clinic access through Gate 5 off Hendra St)

Cloverdale 6105

Ph: 9479 7222

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