Contest Co-Op

Get More Likes and Traffic With a Contest

Need Pinterest Followers? Fanpage likes? Twitter Follwers? Blog Followers?

Everyone knows that the best way for an online business to succeed is to have subscribers! Whether you need them to subscribe to your website, facebook fanpage, or any other social media outlet a contest is the best way! The problem is the more value in a contest the more viral and the more viral your contest will become. We are here to help you!!

We are going to pool together and do one big contest. People will get entries to win for each like, so people will want to like and add as they go through the contest. The bigger the prize the more likely they are going to like and do each entry.

Facebook Fans
Twitter Followers
Tweet a message
Google+ Follow
Google+ like
Visit your page
View a video

Than this Contest Co-op is for you!!

When you join the co-op you will choose what you want to have happen. You will than be given a widget to add to your site. (If you don't have a site to add the widget to you will need to promote the contest in some way) The point is to help this contest go viral. The more people I can get to join in our contest, the bigger the gift, and the easier to send it viral. The more viral we can go, the more benefits we get! It's a win/win situation for everyone!!

The widget in which everyone does their entries will monitor if people clicked, followed, tweeted, etc. That's done for us automatically!!! There is no end of the month tally, etc.

The NEXT CO-OP Contest is going to be for a laptop. The more participants we get in this co-op the better the prize. To take part the prices are:

The first TWO entry spots are going for $150 each.
The 3-10 spots will be $50 bucks a spot
Spots 11-25 will be $25

So you can offer your readers, followers, friends a laptop giveaway for only $150, $50, or $25 You can't beat that!! We all benefit for it!!

Let's co-op together, save money, and benefit from helping one another!!

Send me an email to: to reserve your space.