Quail Call

March 24

Dear Families-Read on for the News

Moving forward and welcoming new and old faces back into our School

We want to welcome all students to our new phase of learning! It has been a great start to having students back onsite while still focusing on staying connected to our remote learners. Our students have quickly embraced our onsite practices of mask-wearing, social distancing, and frequent hand sanitizing while reacclimating to a classroom setting. It has been a joy to watch students engage and laugh together. Our remote learners have open conversations with their classrooms and have an enhanced virtual experience. A third-grader will carry the screen of a remote learner over to the fish tank so that students can observe the little fry up close or another student will turn the screen toward a group of students so they can better collaborate. We have all had to constantly change and adapt to this new norm but want to remember to celebrate the little moments that bring us back together.

Important Survey!

Dear PPCS Families,

Below is a link to our short Parent Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. The Idaho State Department of Education uses this information as a part of our Accountability system and the data is reported on our State Report Card (https://idahoschools.org/). Not only does the State use this information, but our staff deeply values your opinion. Your feedback helps us examine our current practices and improve them to better serve our students.

Due to the anonymity of the survey, we would greatly appreciate bringing any deeper concerns directly to our staff’s attention. This will allow us to address the issue in a timely fashion. As a school, we strive to support our staff, families, and, most importantly, our students. We appreciate your time and thinking to make our school the best it can be.

To complete the survey, click on the link below and select Palouse Prairie Charter School from the drop-down menu. The parent survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete and needs to be completed no later than March 31st.

Parent survey link


Staggered Pick-Up Line Success!

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown up at the time of their pick-up card! Since we have started staggering pick-up time, the dismissal process has been a much smoother process. We have an unusually high number of students being picked up and we are so grateful for our families who have shown up on time for their allotted time slot. We want to encourage everyone to stay punctual and remember that for this to work everyone needs to do their best to be in line when it's their turn and to have their color cards visible for staff to see.

If you need to check your time...

2:55 Pickup blue cards

3:00 Pickup yellow cards

3:05 Pickup pink cards

Please contact the office if you have any questions. Thanks!

Press release from the Public Health Department

The Public Health Department released a press release stating anyone over the age of 35 can start scheduling vaccination appointments. “With an increased availability of COVID-19 vaccine supply and available appointments throughout our district we are ready to move on to this next age group,” said Carol Moehrle, District Director. “Public Health and our community providers will continue to offer COVID-19 vaccine to frontline workers that do not meet the age requirement and all other previously eligible priority groups.” Please see the official press release for additional information.

Masks are our best tool in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and allowing us to continue to stay in school. Please make sure your child comes to school with a well fitted mask with proper filtration. The most effective fabrics for cloth masks are tightly woven, such as cotton and cotton blends, breathable and in two to three fabric layers. If you need support in getting a good mask for your child, please let the office know.

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Silverwood Read2Ride K-6

Read2Ride reading logs are due next Monday, March 29th to receive a free ticket. Please have your student turn in their log to their teacher or you can drop it off at the front office. All tickets will be emailed to the parents after March 31st.

I have linked the Read2Ride guide below for further instructions and fun printouts. If you have any questions please contact the office. Happy Reading!


Photos for Yearbook!

If your student did not have a school picture taken this year please submit a headshot for this year's yearbook. Please email your photo to the office by this Friday, March 25.

If you have any photos of your child's remote learning or at a Wednesday meetup you can submit them for the yearbook. Please upload them this week! You can use the link below or email them to the office. Thank you for your contribution!

You can add photos from your phone!

Housing Preservation Program

We want to make sure our families are aware of this valuable program aimed at helping renters who have been affected by COVID-19. The Housing Preservation Program program provides assistance to those unable to pay rent or utilities as a result of being financially impacted by the pandemic.

Renters can find more information regarding this program, as well as submit requests for assistance through our online application or by calling 1-855-452-0801. Property owners, managers, and advocates can submit requests on a renter’s behalf.

If you know anyone who needs assistance, please share this information with them.

Idaho Housing and Finance Association

Riding the Bus?

If you plan for your student to ride the bus please contact the Bus Barn at 208-882-3933 to sign your student up. They must be registered to ride the bus before their first ride.

Spread the Word

Piano Lessons

Hello! My name is MaryAnn and I have two children who attend PPCS. I teach piano, and I wanted to share with you that RIGHT NOW is a surprisingly GOOD TIME to start your child with lessons, so I’m offering TWO FREE LESSONS during the month of April.

Why is it a good time to start? In my experience, three months is a nice amount of time to see whether piano or keyboard is a good fit for your child at this time in their lives. Since there are about three months left in the year, it is a wonderful opportunity to get your child’s feet wet in something new before summer. Please email me at: mfiobus11@gmail.com for more info, or text 208-907-0884. Thanks!

Links and Resources

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