Joyceville PS Week Ahead

November 23-27

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity in Responsive Learning Environments

We all know that effective feedback is one of of the most powerful strategies to help students improve. Although you all embed frequent feedback for your students, it's probably at the forefront of your minds as you provide next steps and areas for improvement in your progress reports so I thought I'd share a powerful but simple idea I came across when researching feedback a few years ago.

It comes from Disney Pixar and is called "plussing". The idea is to build on and improve ideas without using judgemental language. Here's an example from a book by Peter Sims. An animator working on "Toy Story 3" shares her rough sketches and ideas to the director. Instead of criticizing the sketch and saying "no", the director will build on the starting point by saying something like, "I like Woody's eyes, and what if his eyes rolled left?"

Using words like "and" and "what if?" rather than "but" is a way to offer suggestions and allow the creative juices to flow without fear.

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Field Trips

If you are planning field trips, please submit field trip request forms to me for approval along with letter to parents, permission form and inherent risk form (if necessary) before sending home letter and forms to students.

  • Permission forms should be brought with you on your trip and then filed for the duration of the school year.
  • Please keep track of which students pay for the field trip on a class list and submit this with the money you collected for the trip. Money should be counted - please fill out a deposit slip.

Wendy has all these forms available in the office.

Bully Awareness Week

It was great to see all the lessons and activities last week related to bully awareness, online safety, and kindness/empathy. Now we need to keep the momentum going by working with students to put what they know into action!

Here's a a link to a storify of our school tweets from last week if you want to share with students. And please note the special kindness tweet from one of our Grades 8 below!!!

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This Week

Monday, November 23, Day 2

Tuesday, November 24, Day 3

  • Boys Volleyball at Elginburg

Wednesday, November 25, Day 4

  • Norman and Palmer to Litle Cat
  • Girls Volleyball at Gelnburnie

Thursday, November 26, Day 5

  • Boys volleyball vs Perth Rd at home

Friday, November 27, Day 1

  • O365 Support with Joanne Borges - Jess, Jill B, Lesley, Jill N

Upcoming Dates

December 1 Progress Reports due

December 3 Staff Meeting

December 4 Jingle Bell Walk

December 7-11 Hour of Code - stay tuned!

December 8 IEPs submitted for review

December 15 Progress Reports home

December 15-17 Gift Room

December 16 Christmas Lunch

December 17 Christmas Play


As you update IEPs for your students for Term 1, please remember that Spi is available for consultation and assistance. As well, please let me know if there is any way I can assist you with the completion of Term 1 IEPs. Also, please remember that for students with modified expectations in a subject, progress indicated on the Progress Report is based on progress towards meeting expectations as outlined in the Term 1 IEP.