Trumpeter Swan

Help save this endangered species!

Background Information

The trumpeter swan is the rarest and largest swan in the world and can only be found in North America, but this species is endangered and we need your help to save it. A once abundant species was nearly extinct in the early 1900s due to hunting for feathers and meat. Fortunately, a hunting ban in 1917 and an international restoration program in the late 1930s helped preserve these swans. In a 1933 survey, only 66 swans were reported in all of Western Canada. Though, they are still considered an endangered species in Alberta with about 5000 swans presently in the Rocky Mountain/Yukon region with the largest flock in the Grand Prairie/Peace River area and is protected by the Wildlife Act passed by the Government of Alberta.

Take Action!

Help the Trumpeter Swan!

Want to help? Take action by donating to or joining organizations that aid this species such as the Alberta Wilderness Association. You can also bring your concerns to your city councilor and/or MLA. Sign up for the Trumpeter Swan Society to write letters as a group to raise awareness in your community.

Contact the AWA

Alberta Wilderness Association
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