Honors U.S. History News Letter

By Mr. Ball, Vol. 1, Issue 12, 4/15/16

Update on the past few weeks.

Video Newsletter

World War II Test

We took our World War II test on Friday, March 18th. Our scores varied and I felt that overall the class needed a little more review/discussion of the content. So right before Spring Break I paired students and they re-took the test together. The purpose: have deeper discussions, and for all students to understand the material from our World War II unit.

This activity was a great success!

Our students had some deep discussions and passionate debates about the content. Students were using evidence and notes to support their stances, and everyone got better! The students that knew the content well were able to really raise the level of understanding of their peers and at the end everyone had a more clear understanding.

I think this is one of the most amazing aspects of what school can be. Working together and using resources to solve problems, sharing our knowledge, raising everyone to a higher level of understanding.

Atomic Bomb Outline

Our last assignment of the 3rd quarter was an essay outline where students had to argue if the use of atomic weapons on Japan to end World War II was justified. Everyone did a good job of using evidence to support their claim. We also worked on writing a counterclaim and rebuttal.

Current Unit

The Early Cold War

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about the early stages of the Cold War (1945-mid1950s). We've learned how the US applied the foreign policy of Containment (Containing communism to the countries that had it. Not allowing it to spread.). In the coming week we will discuss the Arms & Space Races, McCarthism (Red Scare), and 1950s conformity. Our next test is scheduled for Friday, April 22.

New Project

My Howard, Your Howard, Our Howard Podcast

I've created a podcast which features the amazing educators at Howard High School. My purpose is to help develop the connection within the Howard community. Please feel free to check it out and give me any feedback you have.

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