Catching Up

News from Gary & Melody DuBois, 30 April 2015

Where to next?

Dear friends,

Several of you have been praying and asking about our plans after this year of furlough, so we wanted to update you.

After several months of thought and prayer, we and our supervisors have agreed that we will stay in Kentucky for an additional year. We'll be living in the town of Berea. If the Lord allows, we hope to return to Asia for another term within the next year or two. But we're grateful for this opportunity to stay nearer our family for another year, while continuing with mission roles.

Remaining in the US for a bit longer actually benefits my (Gary's) work right now, allowing me to connect with several now-retired colleagues to secure and digitize language materials in their possession.

Melody is also able to continue her work as Global Communications Coordinator for SIL (Wycliffe's strategic field partner) while based in the US. She is also praying about a possible MA program in strategic communications, to better equip her for some of the challenges and opportunities of managing internal and external communications for an international organization.

So that's where we are at the moment. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement over the past few months; we have sensed God's leading and confirmation as this plan has developed.

With love and thanks,
Gary and Melody with Jonathan and Hannah

Thanks for praying!

  • February: Our trip to Dallas was very helpful in confirming plans for this next year -- thanks for praying!
  • March: Sharing with our home churches was a highlight, including a 4-week Sunday School study about the impact of Bible translation on women around the world.
  • April: We've enjoyed more time with church family this month, as well as a week at a retreat center. We also spent some time with Melody's folks.
  • May: A big month for us — Jonathan turns 20, Melody turns (ahem) 50 and Hannah completes 8th grade. We will also move house again, our 4th move in 18 months. But this time we can stay put, at least for the duration of our time in Kentucky. Also: two more Philippine language groups will receive Scriptures in their language -- more on that next month!

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