Egyptian Gods

By: Eymes Jimenez

Who Was the First God?

Many years ago ancient Egyptian gods ruled Egypt. people ask " Who was the first god?" The first god was a men called Atum.

Atum the First God

Atum was the first, and strongest god he created Nut, and Gep. Nut, and Gep had four children Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nepthys. All four children went different paths. Nut and Gep told Atum what had happened. Atum told them that one of their children will go down a evil path.

The Children's Path

Osiris became god of the underworld, and Isis helped people in the underworld. Seth, and Nepthys ruled the surface, but Seth wanted to rule the surface by him self, so Seth killed Nepthys. Osiris wanted to stop him put he had to keep the balance of the dead and the living. Osiris and Isis sent their son Houris to stop Seth. Houris challenged Seth to a battle. After Houris won the battle he became the new god of the surface and the god of the sky.

The New God of Evil

After Seth was defeated a new god was born by Seth's blood. The name of the new god was Set the god of evil. people say that Set was created by the blood of Nepthys. People, also fight about who was the real god of evil Osiris or Set.