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April and May 2018

The library has been a buzz the last few months of the school year! Miss Shari and I worked very hard with the help of volunteers to wrap up a huge weeding project of the library collection. We also inventoried the collection to update our library catalog. Once we were finally done with all of these tasks, we started boxing everything up for the big move to New Hoover.

To wrap up our 100 Years 100 Books project, all grades participated in a "100 Years 100 Books Madness Bracket" at the end of March. We started with 8 different books from our 100 Years 100 Books list and through various voting rounds, we found a winner in Won Ton and Chopstick.

Library classes were busy as we ended the year! In most classes we worked on research skills and projects. Please see summaries and pictures below for more information! Classes also voted for state book awards. The winners were Dragons Love Tacos for the Goldfinch Award and Ellie's Story for the Children's Choice Award!

Wishing everyone a happy summer filled with lots of reading! The Iowa City Public Library visited us a few weeks ago and told students about the summer reading program. Please see the link below for information about summer reading options!!

Summer Reading

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Kindergartners focused on fiction vs. non-fiction books through various activities. We then talked about "characteristics" of characters and story elements (setting and characters) while reading a few books.

We ended the year by researching dinosaurs on a kid-friendly database, PebbleGo! Students picked a dinosaur, read and listened to information about it, took notes on what they learned, and then drew a picture of their dinosaur in the program KidPix.

1st Grade

In 1st grade classes, we reviewed fiction vs. non-fiction texts. We also talked about fairytales and read "Jack in the Beanstalk" in preparation for the Opera Iowa assembly. We discussed story elements while reading different stories as well. Students were introduced to the computer program "KidPix" and were able to create their own settings and characters as a review of story elements.

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2nd Grade

2nd graders were busy finishing up our fairytale unit. We created a chart where we recorded elements from the various tales we read to compare and contrast the stories. The last several classes focused on research skills. Students used the kid-friendly database, PebbleGo! to learn about animals. They each picked an animal and then learned about the animal's habitat, diet, appearance, and other fun facts.
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3rd Grade

3rd graders had some typing review in early April. We then focused on research skills and used the database PebbleGo! Students chose a nocturnal animal to research and then took notes on it with information from the database. They then created a Google Slide on their animal including a picture. The class compiled all of their slides into a presentation that can be viewed here.

Students also had a small ceremony for completing certain levels of the Optimist Good Reader program.
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4th Grade

Fourth graders focused on notetaking skills as well as how to create good presentation slides. We looked at good and bad examples of slides and discussed what helps make them good or bad. Students then researched information on a holiday through the PebbleGo! database and created a slide about their holiday.

Students also had a small ceremony for completing certain levels of the Optimist Good Reader program.
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5th and 6th Grade

Fifth and Sixth graders practiced using the library catalog and then locating books on the library shelves. We also focused on research skills. We talked about quality sources and how to evaluate them. We also reviewed notetaking skills, using databases, and citing sources with

6th graders had a visit from the SEJH librarians which was a fun way to meet them and hear about many things to look forward to next year! They also had fun creating avatars for a famous person they had researched in class with Ms. Nugent.

5th graders had a few neat virtual "field trips" the past few months. Early in April, Mr. Kemp's class tried out a "virtual field trip" through Skype with the Virginia Museum of History and Culture on the Civil War. Later in April we set up a conference call with both classes with a Gettysburg National Park tour guide. The tour guide is my 88 year old great uncle; he's been an official Gettysburg Tour Guide for over 25 years!!

The last class or two of the year, students worked in small groups to create challenges for Dash the codable robot. Some groups tried to make him draw, some groups created obstacle courses, and other groups built arms to attach onto him with legos.

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Non-Discrimination Statement

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