Winter Newsletter

LIVE from NEW York....

Today we met our writing mentor from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Session one of our three session series was dynamic, exciting, and taught our students to think deeper. During our 1 hour and 30 minute writing session we analyzed a poem by local artist, Jack Gilbert titled, Hunger. As a class, we discussed taking an basic object, such as an apple, and exploring the unknown of that familiar fruit. Never giving in to the obvious.

We also got to explore photos of New York (the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and Grand Central Station) and try to identify with the people in the photographs through storytelling. The students would write and share (if they felt comfortable doing so).

Finally we introduced our Inside-Out writing assignment that we will be building upon during the next two writing sessions. This assignment will take higher level thinking to a whole new level. Your child's job is to write an 8-10 sentence paragraph based on one of the following:a dream they have had or their earliest memory. This will need to be completed by next Monday, November 19th. Prizes will be awarded and treats will be given to all!

Hunger By: Jack Gilbert

Digging into the apple
with my thumbs.
Scraping out the clogged nails
and digging deeper.
Refusing the moon color.
Refusing the smell and memories.
Digging in with the sweet juice
running along my hands unpleasantly.
Refusing the sweetness.
Turning my hands to gouge out chunks.
Feeling the juice sticky
on my wrists. The skin itching.
Getting to the wooden part.
Getting to the seeds.
Going on.
Not taking anyone's word for it.
Getting beyond the seeds.



Thanks to everyone who attended our Fallingwater fall trip. The students enjoyed learning about The Kauffman family and Frank Lloyd Wright's collaboration during the Depression. We hope they left feeling more knowledgable and inspired.