Super Second Grade News

Butterfly Release

On Friday, May 11th, we will be setting our newly hatched butterflies free. The class is so excited, they wanted to name them!

Children's Literature Week

The week of May 16-20th

We will spend a week celebrating books. We will be doing most of the events in house at school and no prep is required on your end. There are 3 events that you need to mark down on your calendar:

1.Tuesday the 17th : Guest Reader

We need a guest reader for our class. Please let me know if you are interested let me know, I have 9:00 and 10:00 available.

2. Thursday the 19th : Character Book Parade

Students can dress up as a character from their favorite book and bring the book to school to use during the parade.

3. Friday: Picnic Reading

Students will bring a beach towel and flashlight from home. (in the event of bad weather) We will enjoy some sun and read outside.

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We will continue working on previous content. Multiplication, division, measurement, adding and subtracting and number lines. We have one last CBA in a couple weeks.


We will continue working on synthesizing text using non-fiction. Synthesizing is the process of putting all of our reading strategies to work, to better understand and comprehend what we are reading. We will use coding techniques to revise our thinking about the information in the text.


1. carry

2. large

3. later

4. together

5. noun

6. here

7. eight

8. weight

9. sleigh

10. freight

11. break

12. steak

Challenge List

1. breakable

2. weightlessness


CBA this week!

Social Studies

We will be discussing how human modifications have affected our environment.

Fundraiser Jersey Mike's Subs

Tuesday May 17th 3pm-9pm

Jersey Mike's Subs

Fundraiser Location:

NW corner of DNT & Eldorado Parkway

5110 Eldorado Parkway #450

Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (972) 668-6003

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Volunteer Breakfast

Let us treat you to some goodies! If you have volunteered in class, field trips, Boosterthon, cut out "stuff" at home or donated to our class, you are invited! I appreciate your help and support, I couldn't do this job without parents!