Living Through World War II

by: Andrew Langley Book report by: Avery Swofford


The book Living Through World War II you would guess is about how civilians had to live through World War II, and the results. For example, D-Day the allies broke through enemy lines winning that battle. Also the race to make an atomic, or nuclear weapon to win the war. It says some things that would be top secret during the war, like the Nazi's death camps they sent Jews to. It also talks about the leaders of the militaries, and different countries during the war. I learned that Hitler commited suicide by taking a poison pill and shot himself in the head so that he didn't get caught by the allied forces. They tell you about events in the war caused certain ones to happen, and how it effects our lives 60 years after World War II began.

Why I chose to read this book

I chose to read this book because I like learning about the many mysteries of World War II, and other historic wars.

Axis powers

This reminds me of my book because the Axis powers joined forces, and also discriminated against Jews. The Axis powers were made up of three countries Germany, Japan, and Italy.

allied forces

This reminds me of Living through World War II because the allied forces were the good guys and were made up of America, Britain, France, and Russia.

allied forces win the war

The allies won the war because every country had surrendered that were one of the Axis powers except Germany because they thought that they could beat the Allies and take over the world until the German soldiers were surrounded by the Allied forces, so Hitler decided to commit suicide.

axis versus allies

This picture is just showing that the Axis powers were trying to fight against the Allied forces.

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