Fred David Gray

(1930-) Montagemary Alabama

Background And Standing Up

Fred David Gray was born December 14, 1930 Montgomery Alabama. He grew up in a shotgun house and he attended college at Alabama State College. He was in a lot of cases especially in segregation. He wasn't a president but he is in the Civil Rights Movement. He helped a lot in the Civil Rights Movement. He was 30 years old in 1960. He helped end bus segregation and school segregation. He was a lawyer. He got people out of court To help to make Fairly treating. He helped to make it so everyone can vote and he helped desegregating places so everyone can go wherever they want to and He also said “Destroy everything segregated” he also helped make it so people can live wherever they want. He helped end segregation all together. He fought for ending injustices.

More Standing Up

He helped end unfair education. He defended Claudette Colvin as well as he helped Rosa Parks fight in court. He also is still alive he lives now in Montgomery Alabama. Fred David Gray got the american bar Association’s equal justice award in 1977. Gray was elected to Alabama state legislature. He was elected president of the Alabama state bar Association in 2001.


He represented Martin Luther King Jr. Fred David Gray helped a lot in segregation!

He has been in a lot of court cases. Like Gomillion v. Lightfoot witch got Challenged to Alabama legislature. Browder v. Gayle. He has cases helping Tuskegee, Alabama infamous Tuskegee syphilis. The right to participate in jewelries. The freedom to march peacefully.

He standed up with justice for a lot of segregation cases and starting integration.