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Technology Hacks

Fresh themes

Tired of the same old Powerpoint and Google Slides Themes? There are a ton of free themes available online that you can use to shake it up a little. Check out Slides Carnival for some new options. You can filter by category at the top right of the screen.

YouTube video speed

Did you know that you can change the speed of Youtube videos while viewing? I saw a presenter use this feature during a conference session. He sped it up to 1.25 and we were still able to understand everything and get the gist of the video in a fraction of the time. Class time is precious!

Click on the settings gear under the video and then "speed" and it will pop open a window where you can adjust it.

My new favorite online timer

e.ggtimer.com/unit of time

Type this URL to isntantly have a running clock for classwork. You can use minutes or seconds and it can be used as a link from Canvas or another website.

Click on the examples below and then create one of your own!



Video example below...


2 Web browsing tricks

Video example below...


(It will change your life.)

Note that the video below was made using a Google Chrome Extension called Screencastify. I was using Google Chrome as my browser. It will look different if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer as your web browser.

Web Browsing

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a classroom response tool that is very similar to Nearpod, but with some different features.

Watch the video on their home screen for a 45 second intro.

What I like about Pear Deck:

  • It integrates with Google Drive so you can sign in with your LD Google account. All of your slide decks are saved in your Google Drive and can be shared.
  • It has unique question types.
  • Check out this video on a new feature called Classroom Climate.

What I don't like about Pear Deck:

  • Their drawing and dragging question types are only available with the paid version.
  • Check out pricing and what options you get. Keep stuff like this in mind for your department budgets next year.

Just for the fun of it...flashback to a time before technology as we now know it....

Blockbuster Offers Glimpse Of Movie Renting Past