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MAY 2016


Turn lemons into LEMONADE and squeeze the heck out of the month of May! (let's pretend the fruit in the picture are actual lemons tho ;-)
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No one took home the 10 and 2 April incentive, however the last day of the month Incentive to qualify for a $50 Lulu Lemon gift card by processing an order (any amount) went to: Nawal Bengholam. Congrats mama!


Jessica Martin, our very own L5 leader within Team Ariza is on her way to convention recognition! One month to go, Jess! You got this :-)

Big props to Cori Vallembois for producing the first ever Team Ariza event. In this 3-day 'virtual' event, all participants saw great product posts about regimens and tools as well as info about the business. The event, which aimed to educate and encourage prospects to become PC's while simultaneously showing them that our business is totally DOABLE achieved all of it's goals. Check the team page for announcements on the next one!

Newbie, Kristin Lopez is blowing the doors off of things right now. She's quickly tapped into her 'why' and in using that as her driving force, she's landed high on the C&C Newbie Knockout list after joining 2 shorts months ago. Well done Kristin, and Congrats to everyone for another incredible month.




Jessica Marti


Happy Two Year Anniversary!

Janelle Marra 5/15

Elaine Bean 5/16

Holly Pope 5/27

Jen Carroll 5/27

Happy Rodaniversary!

Chantel Loo 5/13

Julie Warnock 5/14


Keep an eye on the Team Ariza page for the May Incentive.

Message Kathy Lyford for access to her Incentive Roundup google doc, which highlights Team and Corporate-based events, trainings and incentives all in one spot!


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Virtual events & how to make them work for you, from anywhere

In coming off the success of our first Team event and the biggest C&C Night of Beauty event to date (7 new Cs signed & over 100 new PCs), how can you use these monthly events to your advantage?

Our business is one of "community commerce" and virtual events are a concise way to access your community without having to buy cheese and crackers to host an "actual" event. But how to go about asking? First, know your audience. Does your network respond to posts on social media? Are they better one on one? Whether the message is sent via phone, text, email or blasted out to the masses, each message needs to come from an authentic and enthusiastic place.

Next, circle back! If you've already broached the subject of RF, these virtual events are an incredibly easy way to let prospects know you're still thinking of them. Sample language such as, "Hey Jane, I know you've been interested in getting your hands on some products, so I wanted to invite you to my team's online event. If you decide to become my Preferred Customer, not only will you receive a 10% discount, you’ll automatically be entered into multiple raffles for a chance to win even MORE FREE STUFF! Lots of great prizes being given away...Space is limited, LMK if you want in."

The consensus from prospects has been overwhelmingly positive for several reasons: 1) They can browse at their leisure. 2) The product info and tutorials educate and inform in a fun way 3) Tagging prospects to specific posts only lessens information overload, thus making the event manageable for both you and them.

Think of these events like HSN (the Home Shopping Network). There is safety and power in numbers! The overall excitement of so many (not just consultants) generated during virtual events is contagious. The best part is, there is an autonomy to it, so people are less afraid to jump in and purchase when they see posts that more people are doing the same.

Keep an eye on the team page for the next one!


Follow the yellow brick road...kind of

It is often said in a business such as ours, that the road to success simply means "following the path before you." This statement certainly rings true as the basics of this business are pretty well laid out for us: Plug In, Reach out & Follow Up. But what if you've been doing your reach outs and follow ups, however your path isn't exactly leading you to a pot of gold?

Well I've got another saying for you: "There is more than one way to skin a cat!"

Rachel & Lacy are perfect examples of that. They created a system for themselves in the hopes that everyone on their team would find it useful, and clearly, they've had success.

I'm not suggesting you need to build your own website like them, or even send out a monthly newsletter like me. Find other mentors whom you jive with, and copy what they do! Look to the Redefine Your Future blog for other leaders whose stories speak to you, and then stalk their FB page. Seek out an accountability partner (or let me help pair you with someone) so you have a partner to bounce ideas off of and run for goals with.

This business is yours to make of it what YOU will. And where there is a will, there's a way. I've watched people far busier than I crushing this business. I've seen seemingly quiet, shy women come out of their shells and thrive. And I've witnessed people who thought they could simply buy their kit and the next day be turning a profit become incredibly disappointed and dissatisfied, quit.

The difference between success and failure is what's between your ears. Whether you're just starting out or are coming up on an anniversary, if you find your personal will (your why), you will find your way and that path, sooner or later, will turn to gold!

Friendly Reminders

Step it up or Take a break?

Some of you may have a few more minutes in the day and can add another training call, event or coffee date to the mix. And others may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the posts and tags and team pages. If this is the case, take a break. Turn off notifications from pages that are repeating themselves or are only asking L4L. Stay connected with the ones that are most helpful (I like the C&C Monday Minute newsletter, Team Fusion page and of course, Team Ariza). You'll get all the pertinent info you need from these sources.

If you need help, just ask!

We have an abundance of resources available to us: Business Development Library, C&C Website, numerous FB pages. But if you're stuck or if there is a question that you can't find the answer to, just ask. Same goes for shout outs! If you want a little love on a post, or a public high five, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

A great call to listen to, RIGHT NOW!

Romi Neustadt's power call on WORKING MOMS. If you're a mom, if you know a mom, if you have mom's on your team (or want to), this is a fantastic recording.

Cal in: 641-715-3670; Code: 411750
Replay: 641-715-3669; Same Code

Canadian access number: 1-559-546-1400

Then dial the main call-in number listed above and use the same code

Kristen Ariza

We grow as a Team. We are all Leaders. We are all Bosses. We are all in this together.