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Michelangelo was born in

  • March 6th, 1475
  • Died, Feb 18th, 1564
  • Was born in Caprese, Italy

He spent most his time in

Rome Italy, he stayed in Italy but went around to work on his art work

Education of Michelangelo

  • Went to Ghirlandaio in Florence at the age of 13
  • Studied Anatomy by the Medici
  • Worked in Bologna

Michelangelo is most famous for all his sculptures

Who are Michelangelo's Patrons?

Michelangelo' patrons were the Medici

Moses, the most known sculpture in the world

  • 1513-15 was when the sculpture was created
  • Located in San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome
  • It's so significant because it's the center piece of the final and reduced version of tomb of Pope Julius III
  • I find this piece so interesting because its another version of the pope Julius III
  • and you can't miss it, it's so big in San Pietro in Vincoli
  • The artist, piece of work exemplifies Secularism because it's not focusing on Religion, it's focusing on Moses
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