My bio

Pie Bio

A bit about me, I guess...

My name is Christopher Davis, though my family and my closest friends call me Topher, (cut the Chris off of my name and what do you get? Topher). I was born in Katy Texas and i prefer not to stay in the same house for more than three years.

Ma Dog

My german shepard, Emma, is three years old and the best thing at home. She is highly intelligent and always makes my day. She always runs up to greet us when we get off of the bus, and her tail is moving at at least 5 miles per hour. She is constantly smiling and is the sweetest dog ever.

My favorite animal..

I have no idea why, but I love snakes. Maybe it is because they are scaly, maybe I like the way they slither around, or just the fact that they can pretty much live anywhere.

One of my favorite things to do..

I enjoy programming. it gives me control of a whole new world and makes my life so much more convenient. I could make programs to do my work for me, and when you have lots of work to do, it can just make my day to have one or two assignments done with little instruction.