By: Cole King

Parents Should Have To Vaccinate Their Children

  • Refusing vaccines puts others at risk
  • Kids entering school should have a vaccination
  • They can save you from deadly sicknesses
  • Kids who haven't had a vaccination puts the whole community at risk
  • Sicknesses can spread a lot faster if people aren't immune
  • Adults that haven't been vaccinated can have an effect by getting kids infected

Parents Shouldn't Have To Vaccinate Thier Children

  • Most doctors give in to requests by parents to alter vaccine schedules
  • Parents fear that if some vaccines aren't safe for children
  • Parents think vaccine risks are not all the same for children

What I Think

I think parents should have to vaccinate their kids to keep them healthy and protect them from getting deadly sicknesses and diseases.

True story

In December of 2014, Disneyland had an outbreak of the measles. 70 people were infected. Most of the people that were infected did not have the vaccine. If they would of got the vaccine, they would not have been infected.


Vaccinations are a different story for each person. They can save lives, or they can scare people. Sicknesses like the measles are deadly without vaccinations, but with them, the human body is immune to them. Children who don't get vaccinated will be open to even more lethal viruses.

Thank you for reading!