it is a small icey planet


Pluto is a very small plant it is made of ice and gray snow.

fisacal fechers

 Sentences believe that Pluto is made of ice and gray snow and in the midol is rocky. Pluto is as big as the earth moon. It on a avrgy day -380 oA human body cannot survive 0:30 scones on that planet that is cooledthe hottest it has ever got to is -289. Pluto is the smallest planet in are galyxce also it is the most far away from the sun that is why it is the coldest planet in are galyxce.

problems with pluto

Pluto has many problems getting around the sun the reason is becauseit is a white dwarf planet so that means it is smaller than some of the asteroids when Pluto is traveling around the sun it has problems going through asstord belts like I said Pluto is a smaller than some asteroidsAnd being the farthest a why from the sun it takes longer to go around.
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 That is Pluto and all the stuff that I have learned also that Pluto is the best planet ever in are galyxce.