The Presidential Debate

Author , Jack Stout

How The Debate Started

Presidential debates have their origin in the 1858 Lincoln Douglas debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas when both men ran for Senate from the state of Illinois. Ironically, a few years later when Abraham Lincoln successfully ran for president, he didn't participate in any debates. Debates took a long time to become accepted as an essential part of Presidential elections but gradually became more popular with the introduction of widespread use first of radio, then television. After the series of debates held between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960, the idea of expecting presidential candidates to debate each other really caught on.

Debates are now some of the most important events in the election process. They at times cause some anger, like after Trump made one of his speeches provoking a clash between his supporters and protestors shortly afterwards. Debates are also fun and entertaining if you don't know much about the candidates. You can just sit back and watch it like a couch potato, but get ready to turn it off if someone is about to start screaming! I honestly like that part of the debates as well.

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Trump Alert

This is Trumps crazy side

Cruz wins the Wissconson

Cruz amazingly wins another state trapping Trump from doing anything but going down. Cruz will have hit Trump hard when Kassich drops out with only 143 and since Trump only has 743 and Cruz with 517 most people would go to Cruz since Trump is nothing like Kassich.
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Ted Cruz

born December 22 , 1970 in Canada

Donald Trump

born June 14 , 1946 in New York City

John Kasich

born May 13 , 1952 in McKee's Rocks

Hillary Clinton

born October 26 , 1947 in Chicago

Bearnie Sanders

born September 8 , 1941 in Brooklyn

Clintons big lead

Clinton takes a huge lead one Bearnie averaging 1,749 votes leaving Bearnie with only 1,061. Now that Bearnie only has this many votes it is very likely for him to drop out. If, Hillary wins the election whoever wins for the Republicans will be neck and neck with Hillary on votes.
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Next Debate

Monday, April 11th, 9:30pm

Florida, United States


How Many Votes Everyone Has

Clinton 1,749

Sanders 1,061

Trump 743

Cruz 517

Kassich 143

Trump's Old Job

Trump's old job was called your fired. Trump's old job would basically a bunch of businessman and whoever did the worst job got screamed at by Donald Trump your FIRED! It is fun to watch people get screamed at, but despite that the main point of the game was to be the only businessman not to get fired.
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Any questions

( Yes I did learn a lot don't even make me tell you how much )