Karate Kid

By Rachel Rose

Changed her life

Mary was a very little girl when she started ballet and grow up with it untill the age of 16, someone came knocking on her door promoting GKR handing out flyers and Mary and a few friends thought it'd be a good idea and our parents liked the idea because it can keep us fit and we could learn how to protect ourselves, so Mary and a few friends started up and they lasted a month but Mary kept going.

Karate is practised right around the world. It teaches physical and mental strength, as well as confidence and self-defence. And Mary says some of the skills are similar to ballet.

In karate believe it or not there's actually a lot of technical work and a lot of remembering routines, so that's where Marys dancing and ballet really comes in handy. It was a little bit hard at first because when Mary was kicking in karate she used to point my toes but after a few months it was easy to make the adjustment.

Mary is enjoying it very much and hopes to be in the Tokyo olympics one day.