Rhode Island Colony

New England region


Rhode Island was founded on May 29, 1790 by Roger Williams. It was founded for religious freedom.


They chose the spot for the Rhode Island colony because of the red clay that lined the shore. colonists could make a living from Being manual workers, servants, apprentices, sailors, hired hands and semi-skilled tradesmen. The type of people who settled are The Wampanoag, Pequots, Narragansett,Nipmuck Tribes and Many English religious dissidents.
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Rhode Island had a Self Government. Freemen were allowed to vote for colonial leaders. The plan was for the leaders to make laws and monitor the Indian trades. They also formed a Rhode Island protect group called the Militia.
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Major Cities

There were 3 major cities. Narragansett Bay, Newport, and Portsmouth. All of these were known as the city of Providence.
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Significant Landforms

There are many significant landforms in the Rhode Island Colony.Narragansett Bay is Rhode Islands most distinctive feature. It contains three major islands, including Aquidneck, Conanicut and Prudence. There are also many rivers including Blackstone, Pawcatuck, Pawtuxet, Sakonnet and Wood And The Scituate Reservoir.
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Religious Beliefs

There are 3 religions that were practiced in the Rhode Island colony. Catholic, LDS and Christian faith. Catholic is the biggest religion with 45% of 54% percent of people in Rhode Island.

4 Reasons

I would live there for being close to the Shore.

I would live there because of the low population.

I would live there for the Religious Freedom.

I would live there for the safety.

By Logan Rogers