It's Time for School!

Preparing Kim (and yourselves!) for Kindergarten

First Day Jitters? We get it, and we're here to help!

Sending any child to school is a big step. And sending a child with special needs? Well, it's even bigger, and at Edward Street Public School, we understand that. This newsletter is to help inform you about the process and the people who are here to support your family through this milestone. You've made the decision to send Kim to school, so now what?

Transition Meeting - When? Where? Who? Why?

When? Your transition meeting is April 2, 2016 at 10:30am.

Where? Edward St. PS Conference Room (just come to the office when you arrive)

Who? Steve Stevens (Principal), Sara Bella (Learning Resource Teacher), Michelle Simpson (FDK Teacher), Suzie Snowflake (Educational Assistant), Les Powley (a board Speech-Language Pathologist)

Who else may join? You are welcome to bring any relatives or caregivers who know Kim well and might wish to contribute to the conversation. Kim is welcome to come to the meeting, or if you prefer we can set up another time for her to meet her teachers and see the school.

Why? This meeting is important to help ease your mind about the transition to Kindergarten. We will discuss options for Kim's schedule and plan, and we can start the process or putting her educational future in order.

Rest assured, the staff and students of Edward Street Public School are a warm and inviting bunch of people. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We can't wait to meet Kim and welcome her, and all of our new FDK friends, to our family.


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