ESOL Department PLC

Friday December 11, 2015

Learning Intentions

I can...

  • identify days, times, and groups of students for OELPA administration.
  • understand my role as an ESOL teacher with OELPA testing.
  • explain what data I keep for students and how I organize it.
  • identify what criterion are essential to determining student placement and transition.

Success Criteria

I will...

  • Create a rough schedule for OELPA testing.
  • Create a procedure and documents to use to guide placement and transition decisions.
  • Create a streamlined procedure for collecting and sharing data.

Why are we here?

For the Teacher's Soul: "A Gratitude List" RAFT

Read the text
Choose one section of the text that resonates most with you
  • R-Role: You will personify the name of your section and write from that perspective
  • A-Audience: Your audience is YOU :)
  • F- Format: a greeting or holiday card
  • T-Topic: Think about the the section of "The Gratitude List" you read; what does it mean to you? Think about why you are here, do you come to work everyday? What makes you love what you do? Write a reminder to yourself about about what makes you love what you do.
Final RAFT Activity



  • HCESC Training: February 10th 8:30-11:30
  • Changes in Exit Criteria
  • OELPA Screener will be Free but not required; release date?
  • K-2 Writing is paper pencil
  • Create a rough schedule of dates, groups, and tech./proctor support needs

Transition and Placement Criteria

Guiding Questions

  • What data do you currently have for individual students?
  • How do you organize/document this data? Sample template Sample template 2
  • What additional data/criteria do you feel is important to guiding placement/transition decisions?
  • What do the service models look like from one building to the next?
  • What do buildings/teachers need to best place students?
  • An Example from a Junior High reading intervention class