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Data Dive

Teachers, Here are the dates for our next Winter Data Dive ! If subs are needed we will scheduled those from the office. Next week I will place copies of our district and school Goal Summary Analysis with a few guiding questions to think about in advance of your assigned Data Dive. It is important all team members are at the table to look at individual and grade data.

Day of bring: laptops, formative assessment data, student data, Tier 1,2, 3 plans, class lists, curriculum materials (at least one per grade) and GROWTH mindsets

Feb 18

8-11:30 Second Grade (will need coverage for 2 classes)

11:45-3:15 First Grade (will use TA's)

Feb 19

8-11:30 Kindergarten (will use TA's)

11:45 -3:15

​NOW Fifth Grade

(will need coverage)

Feb 23


​NOW Fourth Grade

(will need subs)

11:45-3:15 Third Grade (will need subs)


  • 1st 2 hours- Data Review, Going deeper into our practice, Tier 1 Problem Solving,Data Wall Update
  • 3rd hour- Tools for Monitoring Growth, Engagement, and Progress

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Last week was Bus Driver's Appreciation Week - how did YOU thank our drivers?

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Paideia Leadership Team and Model Seminar for Specialists

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 8:15am-11:30pm

Art room and Media Center

8:15 - 9:30 - Model Seminar in Art w/ Specialists

9:30-11:30 - Paideia Leadership Team meets with Laura Billings