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Weekly Updates for Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2015

Martin's Musings

"If we know exactly where we're going, exactly how we get there, and exactly what we'll see along the way, we won't learn anything." - M.S. Peck

Wow that says a lot! The Martin paraphrase - "Learning should be messy work." Learning should be messy for students and for you as a teacher. As we continue to grow as professionals I see many of you taking instructional risks, trying out new strategies and ideas in your classroom. I know it feels messy. Just ask Mr. Korfhage as he undertook self-paced learning in his classroom with his first unit. Ask Ms. Frederick-Cooper and Ms. McElroy as they are working through their first PBL unit. Ask Mr. Floyd and Ms. Lohr as they just completed a project based learning opportunity based on student learning around the evolution of hominids and applied that continuity of change principle to a modern object. All great examples of messy learning for teachers and students. Remember, raising the expectations for yourself and students creates a greater opportunity for learning.

Continue to find ways to grow and take those risks, know that it will be uncomfortable, and know that you and your students will learn more with a struggle and effective feedback from you.

21st Century Teacher?

We talk about the 21st Century Learner. We never quite talk about the 21st Century Teacher. Is there such a thing? Take a minute to read this blog and reflect on your journey in becoming a 21st Century Teacher.

Food for Thought - Dr. Neihof's Notes

As we continue to talk about Personalized Learning we continue to define what that can and will look like for our students. This week in his Principal Points, Dr. Neihof shared some thinking. I thought I would pass along to you.

"Here’s the deal; personalized learning is about the perspective the learning starts from. If it starts from the teacher’s perspective, it isn’t personalized. If it starts from the student’s perspective, it is personalized. Many people use call this shift from teacher power to student power “student agency” – basically giving the students control of their academic goals and the power, through digital tools or other means, to reach the goals. In Shelby County we are learning to seek out “student voice” so we can help our students personalize their learning. ... ASCD identifies 10 components of personalized learning – 5 essential elements and 5 policy enablers.

Essential Elements

  1. Flexible, anytime, anywhere learning
  2. Authentic learning (project based…)
  3. Student driven-learning
  4. Competency based progressions and pace
  5. Redefinition of the teacher role as a facilitator of learning

Policy Enablers (local, state and federal)

  1. Redefine use of time (credits, schedules and calendars)
  2. Performance based assessments that are time-flexible
  3. Equity in access to technology
  4. School funding models to incentivize graduation - not time in class
  5. P-20 continuum for CCR without K-12 age and grade level systems

We will be having future conversations around Personalized Learning and aligning our work to make it happen. What is your thinking? If you have not already begin digging, looking, dreaming, aspiring to what personalized learning will be at East Middle.

Welcome Ms. Julie Sanchez, art teacher extradonaire! Take time to welcome her to East.

Admin Calendar

Rebecca - Muffins with Mrs. Martin and PTSA 7:45 - 8:30 a.m. in Library on 9/30

Mike - Training in Louisville from 9 - 12:30 on 10/1

Jennifer -

Julia - Counselor's Network 9 - 11 on 9/28

Amanda - IC meeting CO 1-3:30 ON 10/2

Upcoming East Events

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Monday - KidTalk/Iteam meetings during planning

  • Girls basketball away vs. Woodford County

Tuesday - Faculty meeting

  • Girls basketball @ HOME vs. East Oldham at 5:30 p.m.
  • Football away vs. West

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  • Girls basketball away vs. Spencer County

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Monday - No School- PD Day

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