Communicative Disorders

Discussing what Communicative Disorders are by Jesse Hite

What is communicative disorder?

A communicative disorder is any disorder that affects somebody's ability to communicate. The delays and disorders can range from simple sound substitution to the inability to understand or use one's native language. This is the general description but this is a very broad subject.

Examples of Communicative Disorder

  • Deafness - Ability to not hear, this will require a different form of communication
  • Aphasia - is loss of the ability to produce or comprehend language. There are acute aphasia which result from stroke or brain injury, and primary progressive aphasia caused by progressive illnesses such as dementia.

Ways Of Handling These Disorders

Depending on the disorder there are steps that can be taken. If you have a deaf student then they will most likely have a sign-language translator with them.

If they are suffering from any of the Aphasia will be slow to produce sentences but should mostly be understood. The best approach to this is to be patient with the student

How I would Handle This For My Story

Depending on their disorder I would adjust my plan. If I have a deaf student then it would have to be signed to them. A student with Aphasia should do fine as long as I don't go extremely fast or make sure they understand what I am saying.