Diva Flash Incentive!

You have 5 days to make it happen! READY! SET! GO!

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Set yourself up for Q4 sucess

Happy Friday Divas!

It's time to unleash your incredible potential! Why not go for it?! No more excuses, no more hesitations or what ifs...We want your wallets to be bursting with commission over the next 3 months and right now is the time to make it happen!

Focus your efforts and energy on the 3 main components of our business: BOOK, SELL & SPONSOR and you will look back on Q4 with pride! You have what it takes - now it comes down to smart and efficient S&D hours focused solely on moving your business forward. You know what you need to do - plant seeds, pick up the phone, follow up - repeat.

With our new comp plan, Associate Stylist is in reach for so many of you! Bring a friend along and reap the rewards! Gunning for Star? First focus on your personal business (expecting to carry at least 1/2 of the GQV) and then support your team to load up their trunk show calendars. Maybe you need to incorporate a few vendor events to cast your net wide and meet new women who would love to host a trunk show or better yet, join your team! Do whatever it takes to create opportunity!

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Holiday 2014 Collection Teaser


1. BOOK 5 TRUNK SHOWS IN 5 DAYS: Starting TODAY, Friday, September 18th until Tuesday, September 22nd, if you lock and load 5 new trunk shows in the system for September or October you will receive $50 in business supply credits! With the holiday collection coming, you can load up on holiday look books, sponsoring catalogs, etc. All new trunk shows must be entered into the system and qualify ($500 in retail sales).

2. SPONSOR A NEW STYLIST BY 9/30 AND RECEIVE $50 IN FREE PRODUCT CREDIT (THAT'S FREE JEWERLY LADIES!) TO BE USED FOR THE HOLIDAY COLLECTION! The great news is that this is unlimited! Sponsor 3 and receive $150, sponsor 5 and receive $250! New Stylists must join by September 30th and qualify by October 31st.

3. THE STYLIST WHO BOOKS THE MOST TRUNK SHOWS FROM SARAH'S TEAM AND KRISTEN'S TEAM EACH RECEIVE A $50 AMEX GIFT CARD! Again, all trunk shows need to be in the system and must qualify in September and October.

YOU MUST POST YOUR RESULTS ON A THREAD IN THE DIVAS UNITE FB PAGE. Not on FB? Just email Kristen or Sarah with your results and we will add you to the spreadsheet!

What are you waiting for?! Refresh your Who Do You Know List, get fired up and start sending warm up emails and making some phone calls! Also use the weekend to make connections by wearing a fabulous statement necklace (with mini lookbooks on hand, of course). You owe it to yourself to turn a compliment into a conversation about Stella & Dot - keep this phrase in the back of your mind - "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" - it will change your mindset and make you confident and comfortable talking about and offering the hostess and stylist opportunity throughout your daily interactions with women.

WE WANT TO HAVE 100 NEW TRUNK SHOWS FOR Q4 ON THE BOOKS with this Flash Incentive! Guess who will post a video on our Divas Unite page if we do? None other than our very own Oprah, the one and only, Danielle Redner. Let's make this happen! Create a goal and stick to it! Sarah and I are committed to reach out to 8 people each day over the next 5 days (40 total) with the hopes of booking 5! We will be starting off each conversation with "I've been thinking of you!" and take it from there.

It's your time to shine and make a boat load of $$$ in the process! BEST OF LUCK!

Cheering you on from Beantown and Chi-town!


Sarah & Kristen

Not on our FB page? Email your up-line or Kristen or Sarah and we can add you!