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A look at what we've done...

With the PSAT's being given on Wednesday, classes have been a bit jumbled, but most were able to end at the same place. First period will be playing a little catch up next week, though. This past week we listened to President Obama's speech responding to the shooting in Oregon. After listening to the speech, classes divided up into groups to focus on a specific technique in his speech. They finished finding examples and and will work on writing their response to it on next week. These steps are very similar to what they do in their journals to help focus them in on developing their ideas more.

One of the weaknesses I am noticing in the vocabulary quizzes is when students are being asked to use the words, especially deciding which form of the word to use--like the noun form vs. adverb form--so they don't say "philosophy" when they should be saying "philosophically". The grammar lesson this week helped to build on this skill, focusing on the parts of speech themselves and using context to figure out which words should go where. This also helps reinforce using context clues in general, a valuable strategy for getting through harder texts.

Why do we need to learn about persuasive techniques?

We are constantly being inundated in our culture to "do this" or "buy that". While there are certainly positives and negatives with this, understanding how this is being done makes it easier to be a critical thinker and make the decisions that are our own! This also helps build a skill set to help us get what we want out of life.

...A look at where we are going

Next week will see a return to vocabulary on Monday with time to read their independent novel in class when they are finished. Their journals are, of course, due on Monday as well. Tuesday will be spent working in their groups to finish the work with President Obama's speech. We will do some more practice with the usage section of the vocabulary quiz, using the words for this week so they are better prepared for the quiz on Friday. Depending on how they are doing, we will either look at another article/speech together or look at a speech by President Reagan independently for a test.

The project for the independent reading novels is due for class on October 30th, only a few weeks away. They should have reading targets figured out to help them meet this deadline--Hopefully so that class time on Monday, October 26 can be used to put the poster together and get help if needed. I will have paper for their poster in class on Monday they can use. There are already a few students that have finished their book and are starting their poster! The intention was for students to find a book and stick to it for their project. If, however, the book isn't working out for them, please encourage them to talk with me about switching. It's not too late and would definitely be better to read a book they enjoy than to struggle through one they won't enjoy and likely won't get much out of. Part of the goal is to turn them on to reading...not off to it!

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