Freedom of Expression

First Amendment

Tinker Vs. Des Moines

Students were wearing arm bands that represent the viet nam war and adults saw that as protest but it didn't disrupt education or start any violence Tinker Vs. Des Moins argued students had the freedom of expression/speech according to the first amendment. The school argued that certain clothing is a distraction. The supreme was figuring out what to settle which was rather students can wear certain clothing. The US supreme court 7-2 in favor of the students (tinker), holding the students political expression was protected by the 1st amendment, and did not constitute a disruptive or threat to the school environment.

Jared Marcum

Jared Marcum is an eighth grader who attends middle school in west virginia. He was suspended and jailed for wearing a NRA shirt that supports the first and secon amendment. His shirt states " protect you rights" with a gun and at the bottom is says the second.