Friday Focus

October 25, 2013

Reading is easy with A-Z!

The Four County Community Foundation has granted Orchard Primary School $1,000 to be used for Reading A-Z subscriptions. If all goes well everyone should have access within two weeks.

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, October 29 Kristin, Suzanne, Penny @ School Improvement Workshop

Wednesday, October 30 @ 3:45 OP Media Center to learn about insurance changes

Thursday, October 31 @ 10:15 Halloween Parade

Friday, November 1 Team activities to be conducted

Box Top Contests

Please DO NOT hoard box tops in your classrooms. PTA members and a few parents have questioned the zero number on some classrooms submissions, when their own child is in the classroom and has brought them to school. In addition, it is much easier for our volunteers to count the box tops as they come in. Thank you for your cooperation.

Speedy recovery

Sending Jen best wishes for a speedy recovery from knee surgery.

Student ID tags

We are working with our photographer to provide all students with a photo id tag, hopefully within the next week or two. One way the tags will be utilized is for those purchasing a hot lunch. Students will give their tag to the cashier daily.

Orchard Primary School

Enjoy the fall colors before they slip away.