Mrs. Beaudry's Super News

October 7, 2016

Important Dates

October 12: Mackinac Island Information Meeting in the library from 6:00-7:00 pm

October 12: Little Caesar's Mackinac Fundraiser begins

October 17nd: Field Trip to Podunk House (Buses leave at 8:40 am)

October 27: Little Caesar's Fundraiser orders and money due!

October 28th: Halloween Party (1:15-Parade Time)

October 31st: AR Goals Due (Points plus 2 nonfiction selections)

November 2 : THIS Evening Conferences;

November 7- 8:No Classes K-12

November 10: THIS Evening Conferences

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I am still in need of a parent who would be willing to organize our Halloween Party. We will have approximately 90 minutes before the parade. Crafts, games, treats, yucky boxes to touch and feel, etc are some possibilities. Please email me ASAP if interested.

What We're Learning:

Reading: We completed Stone Fox this week. Students continued problem solving with tricky words, visualizing the story, caring about the characters, and had fantastic discussions. Many were stunned at the ending. They completed a reading response detailing their feelings about the story as a whole and wrote a new ending.

Language Arts: The 4 types of sentences, 6 traits of quality writing: Organization, transitions

Science: How organisms get food and how they rely on one another for survival, food chains, food webs, producers, consumers and decomposers

Social Studies: The 7 continents and 5 oceans: TEST ON MONDAY!

Math: Factors, Multiples, Long Division

Spelling: Rotations will begin on Monday!

Check out Kid's Corner

This is an awesome resource for bringing Science and many other topics to life. We used this in class this week to play interactive food chain games. It really helped students put food chains in to perspective. Students can also read more about producers, consumers, decomposers, and photosynthesis.

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Factor Pop

Anyone with iTunes accounts can download the free version of Factor Pop for fun factors and multiples practice on smartphones or tablets. Various levels are available.

Field Trips

Podunk House: Monday, October 17 (8:40 am!)

Henry Ford Museum- Thursday, February 9th

Greenfield Village- Monday, June 12th

Mackinac Island- May 3-May 5


Did you know that slugs can lay between 20 and 100 eggs, which take anywhere from 10 days to one month to hatch? Our budding scientists were observing the habitat carefully today to ensure the eggs had enough moisture and the slug was properly fed. We are hoping to add a fresh chunk of apple or strawberry to the habitat every few days to ensure the slug has enough nutrition. We appreciate any fruit that is sent in. How cool!

Superhero of the Week

Congratulations to Koen Hernandez for earning Superhero of the Week for next week.

Repeat News: Mackinac Meeting

We will be holding a 4th Grade Mackinac Trip informational night for parents on Wednesday, October 12th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the Torrey Hill Library. Information regarding the trip itinerary, fundraising, costs, and accommodations will be presented. If you are unable to attend, a packet will be sent home with your child the next day. We hope to see many parents there!

Stay tuned for information about the Little Cesar's Pizza Kit Fundraiser.