February 5, 2016

Rougher Waters

I'm having a lot of fun in observations with y'all, and I am looking forward to several more this week. Some of the feedback might be related to the year as a whole and things I've noticed in walk-throughs, etc. Anything that I feel needs to be said, will be said.

With the increased walk-throughs and knowledge of the material, as a whole, I feel like I'm much more in tuned to the process.

We know, up front, that it is "that time of year". Again, use us as a resource if you need us in the room, with the kids, or if you need a break. Additionally, this year has probably been the most severe year for emotional SPED kids - I know you can feel that in the rooms. Anytime you have more than a handful of those kids, we can all feel it.

As we get into rougher waters, sometimes it makes more sense to put the oars in the boat rather than row. We don't control nearly as much as we think. I don't mean quit trying, but start trusting that what you are doing is having more of an impact than you think - particularly on the rough days. Sometimes the weather will have more say over where we end up than our rowing.

Keep being the model that you already are for your kids. They pick up on your attitude more than anything else, and they know when it's rough waters also.

They are in the boat with us.

It's an honor getting to do life with y'all.

Next Week:

Thursday, Februay 11th: Boys @ Mabank.....Basketball is almost over!

Saturday, February 13th: Robotics @ Parish Episcopal School

Basketball Boys Tourney @ Mabank

Coming up.....

Saturday, February 20th: UIL is Here! We will be sending out details, times, etc next week. We are hosting again and defending our JH Championship.

Leon Bridges and Juan Manuel Marquez

I don't know how many of you have heard of Leon Bridges, but he is from Fort Worth, and he is one of the best things to come out of popular music in a long time. He is probably the closest will come to getting Sam Cooke back.

If you get a chance to read about him and the things he has overcome, it is a great story. He is a fighter.

Leon don't care much about what should be popular, so if he wants to do gospel, he does gospel. The video is also great.

I also put a video of JMM and a short documentary about boxing in Mexico. I thought these two videos were unrelated, but maybe they are related more than I know.

Obviously, Juan Manuel is a fighter as well.

Leon Bridges - River
Boxing in Mexico - Juan Manuel Marquez