Scientific Revolution

Uriel V. 1st

What was the change?

A change from medieval thought of the world, to a series of changes in the structure of European thought itself. For several millenniums the people stuck to ancient ideas philosophers made, such as the Socrates. Not until the changes during the Medieval Age caused a change and questioning of the ideas previously set by ancient philosophers. The scientist that gave this revolution a spark, were Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo. Their curiosity led to the creation of new technology and knowledge of the natural world.
*Copernicus one of the main contributor of the revolution

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

It created turmoil within the Catholic Church. The focus on science led to discoveries that seemed to go against with what the bible said. This eventually led to a schism between science followers and, those who kept their religious beliefs. The populous began to be skeptical, once, and once again scientist would disprove or discover things that were far different from the church.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

A noticeable impact is the separation from the church, more people seem to rely on scientific views, than religious views. Alongside it led to new innovative technology, and life saving discoveries, and other things. Stronger microscopes allow us to observe cells and diseases in deeper detail, this allowed us to make new medicines, and new medicines means higher life expectancy. Now space has become a closer companion to us. Also new electronics have improved communication among the population.

Song (rap style)

The Scientific Revolution created turbulence, influence, in the people of the time

And it only took a couple men to start the fire that sparked inside, they started questioning, doubting, asking themselves "am I becoming agnostic?", could these idea even be worth to be taken into consideration?

Cause if we let our words free, we'll probably loose our redemption

The Church will torture, and later on historians will identify their acts as horror

The church, the Greeks say this...well we say that, adorn it with a hat to make it more reliable cause you know they want that.

We don't want to come out in the open

We're to scared to cope with all the commotion..

You know what forget, lets get out and let em' get it, let's share our beliefs to the peeps, even if we grieve and regret the near future we know they'll accept it alright here we go..

My name is Galileo (Hi Gali), I wrote a book the Starry Messenger and it's time to take a venture

I'm releasing it now

I'm looking through my telescope, (wow that's crazy, I wish Copernicus was here to see this)

so this is what i saw, Jupiter has not one, not two, not three, but four moons!

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Oh but I'm not done, I'm just starting to get up and run, and my vibe is building up, so don't mess it up...

All you Greek followers, thought the moon was a perfect sphere, perfect, and pure, sure that no cavities could lie in between it

Well (Error in the system) it's as imperfect as us, crust, dust, fills the surface, not soft as a someones bust, but rough like rock

To bad the Church summoned me to court, all became distort, i was menaced with tor-ture

Oh well i guess I'll sit hide and just side with them just to give em' pleasure

Well here are my other chumps it's, Copernicus (say hi) (hi!) I came with up with the Heliocentric Theory

Give me creds. and you wont get hurt guy

and Kepler (now don't be rude wave back) (woosh)

You know my homie Brahe? well yeah i finished his work, and I probably made him smirk, right now he's lying in his coffin saying "yeah my laws of Planetary Motion finally caught up to someone, thanks Kep...this shout outs for you

We're the ones who brought you the comforts of ya home, your tech, and the creations of all these decks.. of medicines fighting pathogens for all these sick heads

Praise us, and if we were still alive we would ask y'all to raise us, love us, for all we've and this revolution has done for y'all..alright it's done guys